Furniture Cleaning

Proper furniture cleaning starts off with a thorough inspection. You can find the clean code on the inner tag of your sofa,loveseat,sectional,couch. Once you find it you should see a letter on the tag. The letters correspond to the type of cleaning best suited for the material. The letters are (S) for solvent clean, (w) for wet clean, (SW) for either solvent or wet, (n) no recommendations or (NS) or (XX)  for no recommendations. A lot of companies make the mistake identifying the code and jumping right in and using that process with out further inspecting the material. Carpet Solution Inc examines the material and  the backing before proceeding.

 The Carpet Solution Inc does not (S) solvent clean furniture because of its toxic dangers, poor cleaning and its waste disposal charges. 15 years ago Carpet Solutions did dry cleaned furniture. Dry cleaning furniture isn’t the same product as dry cleaning clothes. The product consist of 1 gallon on mineral spirits and 8 ounces of Quest detergent. This process only takes out atmospheric dirt and food sources leaving the furniture toxic for 24 hours and the sofa looking a little cleaner but not for the expense. The technician wears a mask, goggles and the machine is tethered to a long hose exhausting out side for ventilation. Cleaning is fair to poor.

  The Carpet Solution Inc does clean (W) (WS) (NS)(XX). Cleaning (W)(WS) material using the hot water extraction is recommended. You can use mild wet cleaning products but always after pre test to insure no color migration. With (NS)(XXX) materials the manufacturer takes no responsibility . It is up to the home owner to hire a proper company with a proper inspection before using the method to suspend the soils.  The Carpet Solution Inc pre inspects and pre test All furniture before we proceed. The Carpet Solution Inc is certified in the IICRC for furniture cleaning using all the up to date green seal products and methods on all your fine furniture. We use no Butls,Opticle brightners,and leave no sticky residues making your furniture re soil faster.

Correct furniture cleaning can be expensive. Beware of the low price specials. When you question them ask.

1. Are your Technicians certified?
2. Ask if they are going to include all the Tops, backs, sides, pillows, and valences.
3. Ask them if the cleaning includes Scotch guard furniture protect ant. If not, How much extra is this service?
4. Ask them if they price for furniture for loose back and non loose back furniture.

Person Cleaning Couch

 The Carpet Solution Inc does not sell up these services. Our price includes all listed above. Including Authentic Scotch guard protect or. We know if you cleaned your furniture and didn’t protect it ,you wasted your money. When you get a company to answer these questions you usually will come up with a much higher price and a true price for this service.

 The Carpet Solution Inc has a list of furniture retailers that recommend us. They recommend us because 3 major warrantee companies use us for there warrantee obligations for spills, smells, and protector failures.

 The Carpet Solution Inc  since 1989 will always give you more in value, than the money you hired us for. You can bring your fine cushions to our shop at 383 whites path Yarmouth, Ma.. Exit 8 on Cape Cod rt 6 )for a hands on spot cleaning.